Guest Access in Sococo: Your New Secret Weapon

Guest Access is one of the most powerful features in Sococo that doesn’t get enough credit. It’s easy to use, and allows you to open your digital office space to outsiders and friends who might not otherwise be able to visit you at work.
Follow along for an overview of how to utilize guest access in Sococo. But first, let’s talk about how you can use it to increase transparency and performance in your organization—and what makes it so great.


Encouraging Collaboration in a Distributed Team Environment

They say that leading a team is similar to conducting an orchestra; with a lot of practice and attention, you can get everyone to play the same tune. But what do you do if the orchestra members are not only in different rooms, but on different continents? How do you get your team to perform a symphony when some members are playing while others are asleep? And how can you expect to get everyone on the same page when even something as simple as ensuring a time-sensitive email is read and actioned can pose a logistical challenge?

Does Your Team Need a Virtual Health Check?

“Teamwork” is difficult to define. Most of us know what good teamwork looks like, but we’re not sure how to assess whether we are creating the right conditions for teamwork to flourish, especially when it comes to a virtual environment.


5 Reasons Your Business Should Jump on the Transparency Bandwagon

“Honesty is the best policy.” It’s an old saying; we’ve all heard it. With the recent spate of articles about adopting transparency practices into your business, it’s starting to look like a profitable policy, too. The benefits of transparency, however, go far beyond simply getting attention online.

Why Treating Employees Like Customers Is a Winning Move For Your Brand

If you check the front page of Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, or any major business blog on any given day—chances are, you’ll see it least one article related to customer experience. And that makes sense, right? Every business owner knows that having happy customers is what keeps the lights on and the paychecks rolling out. But for all the work you’re putting into keeping your customers happy—are you paying equal attention to maintaining happy employees?

Tax and Financial Tips for Distributed Teams

Hiring a Remote Team? Double-Check Your Taxable Presence.


Seeking to Achieve FLOW at Work

We know you’re wondering, what the heck is FLOW? Named by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, FLOW is a state of total focus and concentration on a task: so much so that you get lost in it and lose track of time, enabling you to be both more productive and derive more satisfaction from the task; in turn making you happier.

How to Give Your Employees Their Time Back

Time is priceless—we all want more of it. Giving time back to employees is a precious gift employers can give. And it is easy to do. On average, employees spend 90 minutes per day commuting. If we encouraged employees to work at home even just one day per week, they would save that 90 minutes for themselves.

What Motivates Us the Most When it Comes to Work

It’s the million dollar question, right? How can I get my employees to go the extra mile for me? How do I motivate them to work as hard as possible, short of dictator tactics? With 70% of US workers feeling actively disengaged in their current job, it is truly a question in need of serious consideration. Do you think you know the number one motivator for your employees?