Ready to Up Your Game? Try These 5 Agile Concepts in Real Life.

 With the popularity and overwhelming success of Agility in both software development and now the business world, people are taking the principles of this management approach and using them in a third way: to make their personal lives more fulfilling. 
If you consider yourself a ScrumMaster, or even have ScrumMaster tendencies, it’s time to up your Agile game and apply these five concepts from the Agile office to your personal life. This will help you start to bring flow to the chaos at home, and have a more organized and productive week (or year!).


The Third Wave of Agile

Agile methodologies have revolutionized the way software companies deliver their products. And what started out as a new way of collaborating for small teams of software developers has eventually developed to support larger Enterprise companies as part of the Scaled Agile Framework. Abstracting the concepts that made it effective for small groups to work with a “team of teams” marked the development of the second wave of Agile.