Tax and Financial Tips for Distributed Teams

Hiring a Remote Team? Double-Check Your Taxable Presence.


Distributed Teams: How to Assess Level of Team Performance

Global talent, market expansion and cost pressures are the major drivers that lead to many organizations establishing distributed teams, where all employees are not co-located in one office. The result is that companies have employees that may be working from different offices, adopting flexible working one or two days a week or even working remotely from home full-time.


Jay Baer of Convince and Convert on Holding Fun and Effective Retreats for Distributed Teams

It’s time to plan a retreat for your distributed team. You’re excited, your team is excited, and you spend your days planning group games. With all your selections in mind, you sit down to crunch the numbers. Suddenly, the trip feels a lot less exciting. A retreat is going to be expensive, and the dollar signs on your spreadsheet leave you wondering if the investment is really worth it. You ask yourself, will there truly be any ROI?

The Power of Building Social Capital

The answer to that question is a big fat YES.

Seeking to Achieve FLOW at Work

We know you’re wondering, what the heck is FLOW? Named by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, FLOW is a state of total focus and concentration on a task: so much so that you get lost in it and lose track of time, enabling you to be both more productive and derive more satisfaction from the task; in turn making you happier.

Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Delivering Connection & Awareness Through Integration

A few days ago, we began to provide high level visibility into our development plan for 2016. As I mentioned, we’ll drill deeply into each feature categories over time, but I want to start with a piece that is fundamentally important... integration. Specifically, I’m referring to integration with common enterprise messaging and communication platforms.

Why Integration is Important


Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Overcoming the Challenge of Distance

In my last post, we reviewed a set of market trends and their impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations. At the confluence of these trends we find the fundamental challenge of Distance. This isn’t simply geographic distance, but distance across multiple dimensions resulting in significant consequences from a productivity, engagement, and cost perspective.