5 Reasons Your Business Should Jump on the Transparency Bandwagon

“Honesty is the best policy.” It’s an old saying; we’ve all heard it. With the recent spate of articles about adopting transparency practices into your business, it’s starting to look like a profitable policy, too. The benefits of transparency, however, go far beyond simply getting attention online.

The Three Key Frameworks for Leading Change Effectively (eBook)

Over the decades, various business frameworks have emerged to drive performance and growth. They have built on each other as we learn from each other. And over the decades I have both learned from others and contributed to the creation of frameworks that are widely used today. What I have learned is this: leading change requires driving transformation in both the business culture and the business model simultaneously. That last word is where most leaders get stuck. Here’s my observation:

How Gamification is Empowering the Workplace

You see it everywhere you go. People with their heads in their phones playing Candy Crush, or Clash of the Clans, or whatever the latest addictive game is. The fact of the matter is that we humans love to be rewarded for every little thing we do, which triggers our dopamine response. At the same time, games know how to make you wait for the bigger rewards—so by the time you get that big shiny sword, it feels like you’ve really achieved something important.

Achieve High Performance With Distributed Teams (Infographic)

Organizations that embrace distributed working can better position themselves for competitive advantage. They can achieve this by expanding their talent pool beyond geographical limitations, reducing cost and friction of entering new markets whilst also reducing operating costs through lower office footprints.

How You Think About Leading Change Matters (eBook)

“Everyone gets excited about change, except when it happens to them.”
These battle-hardened words were shared with me years ago by the CMO of GE. The data certainly back up her frustration. Depending on the study, 30% of change initiatives fail outright. An additional 40% fail to meet performance goals. Only 20% of organizations rank as having strong change leadership capabilities. And the move to distributed teams, for all their strengths, bring additional challenges that likely do more to exacerbate than to help this trend.

Why Fun Is Essential to Employee Engagement

Your average preschool age child laughs or smiles up to 400 times per day. The average 35-year old adult only smiles around 15 times per day. Think about it. When was the last time you really cut loose and laughed so hard your belly hurt or tears ran down your face? (More on that here.) Depressing, right? So where did all the fun go?