The Rat Race Doesn’t Have to be Your Reality

Today I have an important meeting with one of our executives in London.

I struggle with what I should wear. All the clothes that I own now fit into one small packing cube into one 45L backpack. I wear my only pair of pants, with my only cardigan, which probably doesn’t match my only pair of shoes. I pack up my bag, fill up my water bottle, grab a granola bar, and begin my 50-minute commute to the office that includes a bus, train, and about a half mile of walking.


Managing Requirements Across Cultures and Continents: Why It's Hard, and How to Make It Better

In our recent survey, 53% of the respondents indicated that miscommunication about managing requirements is a problem for their distributed team. This made it the top issue identified in the survey.

Sococo on the Go: We Just Launched a Mobile App for iOS and Android

I’ll set the scene: I’m running through the airport to catch my connection and only have 15 minutes to have a quick conversation with my team to check in on tomorrow’s release. I open Sococo’s new mobile client, issue a multi-select ‘Get’ and successfully convene a release readiness meeting without breaking stride.

5 Tips for Overcoming the Language Barrier on a Distributed Team

In a distributed team, diversity can mean a number of things. Removing the barrier of geographic proximity and the need to commute can be a great advantage in getting the best possible people for the job. More and more, we’re seeing businesses take advantage of the flexibility of a distributed office to hire across borders and create an international team.

A Race Against Time: Organizing with Agile Work Structures

According to Parkinson’s Law, “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” If I set aside the whole day to do something small, I’ll probably take more time to do each individual step: “Thus, an elderly lady of leisure can spend the entire day in writing and despatching a postcard to her niece at Bognor Regis.

The Audacious Salon at Agile 2016 – Distributed Agile: Delusion or Evolution? (Day Two)

Not only is Atlanta hot, day two of the Audacious Salon session on Distributed Agile with the fantastic Mark Kilby and Michael Herman was smoking! Again, we filled up extremely early to the point where the staff basically has a bouncer outside the room to block access. There was a nice chunk of new participants and a good group of returnees who came back to continue this feisty, messy, and wonderfully chaotic discussion.