Gossip, Collaboration, and Performance in Distributed Teams

Read the full article by clicking here. By: Larry R. Irons August 15, 2010 Mr. Irons gives us an absolutely tremendous article (supported by some pretty cool research, no less) regarding the positive impacts of socializing on workers' productivity. At Sococo, we realize the value of socializing beyond productivity- that's why we built Team Space- but that said, the evidence presented here is a wonderful addition to the list of reasons to use Team Space. Enjoy reading.

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate...

I've watched this TechCrunch interview with Ankur Jain a dozen times, and it's a great interview to be sure, but something bugged me about it (which is why I had to watch it so many times).

World of Streams: How Social Networking in Conjunction with Kanban Transform Offshore Outsourcing

Read the full article here. By: Israel Gat February 6, 2011 A nice read on why outsourcing can be a thing of the past if one properly manages an Agile team.

Be Innovative Yet Familiar

Read the article here. By: Andrew Filev January 31, 2011 I wish we had come up with that tagline ourselves, but Andrew Filev states exactly what Sococo aims to do. In the context of Team Space, we provide a familiar office environment and communication tool in an entirely unique interface. We give the user the wholly familiar in a brand new experience. Well worth your time.

Where it's @

On the Necessity of a Virtual Office When Co-Location isn't Possible (or Desirable)

Why Distributed Teams are Making Your Traditional Office Obsolete

To read the article, click here. By Josh Cramer February 2, 2011 Here's an article well worth your time if you're a distributed team manager. Josh Cramer makes a compelling case for ditching your physical office in favor of something a little more non-traditional.