8 Tips for Building an Internet Company Outside of San Francisco

To read the full article, click here. By: Healy Jones March 3, 2011

Be Aware

I often harp on communication because it's so damn important. Without proper and clear communication channels and practices, your distributed team will likely sink into a shallow and sticky pit of doom and despair from which there is little hope of extrication (or showering). After listening to this Podcast, I have another chance to talk about the importance and virtue of communication, but instead I will deviate from my norm and bring up something else which our author commented on: Awareness.

Harvesting Business Ideas from Inside and Out

You can read the full article by clicking here. By: Emily Singer February 23, 2011 This article illustrates the benefits of opening communication channels within a company. As employees are able to more freely communicate with one another, ideas flow more naturally. It's a universal principle, and we deem it true at Sococo.

Working Together: How My Virtual Team Collaborates

Read the full article by clicking here. By: Aliza Sherman February 17, 2011 To be clear, this is her virtual team, not ours. That said, we share a lot of the same basic habits when it comes to time management and communication patterns, albeit with different implementations (we obviously prefer Team Space to Second Life, and we use Team Space constantly). Either way, a very good read. Enjoy.

Separate but Equal?

By definition, a distributed team is geographically separated, usually by vast and insurmountable distances (insurmountable only if you don't have access to an airplane). Thus, managing these diverse team members becomes a bit of a challenge. Not just how do you do it, but how do you do it well?

How to Get the Most out of Sococo

Hi loyal readers, Today we have some simple pointers for you to help maximize your usage of Sococo and increase your productivity by X amount! (Where X is some number that I can't quantify because I don't know how much you're using it already, but let's assume that X is a lot). Now, getting down to business: 1- Invite people (preferably your work team). It gets lonely all by yourself, and Sococo works best when you have 4+ someones to talk to.