The Usual Suspects: Overcoming the Most Common Issues Affecting Distributed Agile Teams

As part of the LeanAgile US conference last week, my colleagues and fellow distributed agile nerds AgileBill, David and Mark hosted a bonus online event in Sococo. This was for event attendees who wanted to learn more about our favorite topic, distributed agile.


Reflecting on 2016, and the Year Ahead for Sococo

I wanted to thank all of our users for a wonderful 2016, and to share some of my thoughts on 2017.  Our mission at Sococo is to empower distributed agile teams to be high performing.

As you experience everyday, we do this by providing an online office space.  We recreate  the benefits of physical co-location in an online world.  And we do so with the needs of your Agile team in mind. 


Sococo Saves Sococo from the Pacific Northwest Snowstorms!

I’ve been the Sococo Software team ScrumMaster for a few months now, and this is my first distributed agile team. Every day, I am more and more delighted when I experience how Sococo makes our team feel like they are always together. With the recent heavy snowstorms on the west coast, I encountered a new situation that Sococo resolved, and reduced my ScrumMaster stress considerably. 


My Amazon Prime Life

In my Amazon Prime life I wore pants.

In my Amazon Prime life I had two different shades of make-up foundation.

In my Amazon Prime life I ordered my burgers without pickles, and usually got them that way.

In my Amazon Prime life I hosted a weekly viewing party of The Bachelor.

In my Amazon Prime life I had 63 pairs of shoes.


Top 10 Tips for Using Sococo

#1 Use Sococo to Cut Down on Email

Look for people in your virtual office before sending yet another email. Send a private chat if you don't need an immediate response, or try knocking on the other person’s door to see if they're available for a voice conversation. » Read more about Knocking on rooms Stuck in a long email thread? Suggest people work it out in a voice conversation in Sococo.

The Future of Work is Now

The workplace location has traditionally been the primary reason people would choose to live in a certain area. Offices, as much as farms or manufacturing plants, have routinely tethered their workers to a single location as a way to bring people together. Now in the digital age, we can break the tether for many and move the work to the people.