It’s Official: Forrester Report Confirms that Distributed Agile is a Thing

By Mandy Ross, Sococo Distributed Agile Coach

Agile practitioners who are paying attention have known for quite some time that it’s becoming more and more rare to have a completely, 100% physically co-located team. Those of us who have embraced distributed Agile with open arms have been laughed at, snubbed, and looked at with suspicion by dogmatic Agile purists, who insist that face to face conversations can only happen in the same physical location. It’s time for that misconception to change for good.

Now, thanks to independent and highly influential research firm Forrester, we can officially and with great confidence say that distributed Agile is officially a Thing. Last week, the firm published the report “Get The Most Out Of Distributed Agile Teams”. In it, they acknowledge that while philosophically, co-location is the best for Agile software teams, the reality according to current business leaders is that complete co-location is impossible.

“We are honored to have been recognized by Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. This report validates what our customers (including many large Fortune 500 companies), have been saying: Sococo helps distributed agile teams meaningfully collaborate and self organize, accelerating the adoption of Agile practices and increasing productivity.” - Cliff Pollan, CEO, Sococo

The report goes on to explain that one of the primary ways to lower barriers on distributed Agile teams is to identify a set of tools specifically developed to support this way of working. And what do you know, Sococo is called out as one of the ways that truly augment the online team experience - we even had a whole page dedicated to a picture of a Sococo map! We were so pleased with this that we even put out a press release to announce it to the world. Please check it out and share it with your favorite publication or blogger.

This report is a truly fantastic and relevant read, so we want to share it with our Sococo community free of charge. Click here to get the report, and we’ll see you in Sococo!