Reflecting on 2016, and the Year Ahead for Sococo

I wanted to thank all of our users for a wonderful 2016, and to share some of my thoughts on 2017.  Our mission at Sococo is to empower distributed agile teams to be high performing.

As you experience everyday, we do this by providing an online office space.  We recreate  the benefits of physical co-location in an online world.  And we do so with the needs of your Agile team in mind. 


Top 10 Tips for Using Sococo

#1 Use Sococo to Cut Down on Email

Look for people in your virtual office before sending yet another email. Send a private chat if you don't need an immediate response, or try knocking on the other person’s door to see if they're available for a voice conversation. » Read more about Knocking on rooms Stuck in a long email thread? Suggest people work it out in a voice conversation in Sococo.

Sococo on the Go: We Just Launched a Mobile App for iOS and Android

I’ll set the scene: I’m running through the airport to catch my connection and only have 15 minutes to have a quick conversation with my team to check in on tomorrow’s release. I open Sococo’s new mobile client, issue a multi-select ‘Get’ and successfully convene a release readiness meeting without breaking stride.

Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Delivering Connection & Awareness Through Integration

A few days ago, we began to provide high level visibility into our development plan for 2016. As I mentioned, we’ll drill deeply into each feature categories over time, but I want to start with a piece that is fundamentally important... integration. Specifically, I’m referring to integration with common enterprise messaging and communication platforms.

Why Integration is Important


Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Overcoming the Challenge of Distance

In my last post, we reviewed a set of market trends and their impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations. At the confluence of these trends we find the fundamental challenge of Distance. This isn’t simply geographic distance, but distance across multiple dimensions resulting in significant consequences from a productivity, engagement, and cost perspective.

Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - The Fundamental Impediment of Distance

Product Vision & Roadmap - The Fundamental Impediment of Distance

Wow! The new year has come in with a bang, and as I’m sure you all can appreciate, we have been busier than ever. In spite of my best efforts and desire to quickly follow up part 1 of our product vision & roadmap series with this follow up post, it just didn’t happen. I apologize for the delay, but hopefully what I share over the next few posts will be worth the wait.

Major Updates to Sococo

Parallels between home ownership and product ownership

At my house, we’re in the middle of a major renovation project (which is particularly challenging given Sococo is a virtual company, and my home is my office...but that’s another story). The project was well overdue. To say that our kitchen was limiting what my family could do with our home is an understatement. We were well beyond simple upgrades like paint and cabinets. It’s funny how home ownership and software product ownership have so much in common.

Renovating Sococo


Tech Support At Sococo – The Opposite Of Annoying

It’s a typical Tuesday afternoon. You’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business, getting stuff done…when suddenly, some tech issue pops up out of the blue. The program you’re using has developed a sudden glitch, or your connection becomes spotty, or something goes wrong with your computer. Whatever the problem, your next step is to contact tech support. Ugh. Say goodbye to the next hour of your life. Annoying.

Sococo for Conference Rooms

Running Sococo on dedicated hardware in a conference room lets you extend your physical room into the cloud and integrate it with your virtual office. Because these rooms provide so many advantages for teams that are part co-located and part distributed, we thought we’d review some best practices to help you get started.