Agile 2016 Survival Guide: Sococo’s Top Tips and Hot Picks

Last week we filled everyone in on our plans with SolutionsIQ for the Agile 2016 event, which is taking place from July 25-29 in the extremely warm city of Atlanta, Georgia. And since, we’ve been busily talking to our customers and partners who are attending as well as local insiders to get the scoop on what everyone is excited about and the hot events.

Sococo and Postwire Blast Off Together

We have big news! We have merged with Postwire, a provider of content curation solutions that raise the bar for effective and personalized information sharing...but are as easy to deliver as, well, a paper airplane.

How A Simple Tweak Helped Make People Human Again

Isn’t it amazing how much technology has changed not only the way we do things, but also the way people interact with each other? And not always for the better.


The 10 Things You Need To Know Before Agile2014

  The Agile Alliance Conference is just around the corner and we’re excited to be a sponsor! We’ve put together the top ten things you need to know before you go, so you can get the most out of Agile2014 and leave as an Agile pro.

Ending Snow Leopard Support

Looking Forward To Yosemite We recently announced our beta program for Mac OS X Yosemite. Apple has introduced a lot of great changes; there are stunning new visuals and impressive performance improvements. We’ve been hard at work to make sure we’re ready for Apple’s public beta this fall.

Android L May Be A Game Changer For Google

Google I/O has wrapped up, and it isn’t a stretch to say it was a week of great expectations.

What was clear from the start is that Google is making a serious attempt to bring unity and uniformity to its tech brand. And the flagship of that unity is Android L.

Android L

It might not have a version number or codename yet, but there’s plenty to talk about in Android L.


3 Ways Business Is Adapting To Communication Technology

The rise of VoIP has had an immense impact on the traditional desktop. For a century voice and data were separated systems. Innovations in IT have seen communication and information merge together in ways undreamed of a generation ago. The telephone remains an integral component of business. But where before it was the one device indispensable to every contingency, the paradigm shifts in digital communication now support a growing variety of platforms.