The Coffee Commute: New York City’s Top 3 Coffee Shops To Work From

New York City isn’t called the city that never sleeps without reason. And we here at Sococo have a sneaking suspicion that the fuel driving all that big city hustle and bustle might just be the insanely good java brewing in coffee shops throughout the city.

Virtual Life Panel: Developing Culture on Distributed Virtual Teams, part 1

Sococo is fortunate to have a vibrant and active customer community.  We recently held an event sponsored by our Virtual Life Panel to engage in a meaningful dialog about our customers' experience in the virtual workspace.  I delivered a keynote describing the Panel's findings and lessons learned in this space.  Here's part one:

The Virtual Frontier


Setting Up Your Physical Space for Virtual Meetings

What pops into your head when you hear the phrase ‘virtual communication?’ Mental screenshots of online chat or video? Unpleasant memories of online meetings plagued with technical issues?  Audio snippets from online conference calls past? Isn’t it interesting that our minds focus mainly on the content of such virtual communication – the intangible part – rather than the physical aspects? And yet the physical setup is obviously vital to any virtual conversation.

Customer Tales: B2T Training’s Open Door Policy Keeps Doors More Open

It’s a situation just about everyone has encountered at some point in their career. You need to talk with your boss, who has an “open door” policy. You decide to stop by their office to chat – but as you peek into the room, they seem pretty busy.

Infographic: A Distributed World, The Work Environment Of The Next Generation

Distributed teams are quickly becoming a common part of many companies' work forces. This nifty infographic fills you in on the specific benefits of this evolution in workplace culture for employers and employees.  

Does Human Behavior Evolve Along With Technology?

I read an article the other day about how the invention and evolution of the remote control has influenced the way we set up the living spaces in our homes, and even the way we interact with each other.  It was a fascinating look at the way technology changes human behavior and interactions.


How A Simple Tweak Helped Make People Human Again

Isn’t it amazing how much technology has changed not only the way we do things, but also the way people interact with each other? And not always for the better.


The Foundations Of A Successful Virtual Team Part II

Last time we looked at three fundamental areas that support a thriving virtual team. Now, we focus on three elements that support the most important aspect of every distributed team: communication. 4. Communication is king. Communicating effectively is a basic part of any successful business. In a distributed setting, it becomes the single most important concern.

The Foundations Of A Successful Virtual Team Part I

For many of us, our business experience and training have been set in the context of a traditional co-located workforce. But we live in a changing world. Innovation and revolution in the world of communications have spawned new ways to communicate, and with them new expectations in how we communicate.

Virtual Work Schemes Broaden Business

Man is a social animal, and the boundaries of his organization and interaction are limited only by the needs of communication. As modern life continues to evolve along the avenues opened up by the revolutions in communications media, new possibilities for interaction are revealed.