The Value of Connectedness

Editor's Note: The following post is from Sococo CEO and all around bad ass Cliff Pollan.

The Power of Connections

Having strong connections to customers, colleagues, or partners is the foundation for a successful business. We value this highly at Sococo, and it sits right at the heart of what we do.

Working Virtually: A Guide for Extroverts

We’re all familiar with the benefits of working virtually—the flexibility to work where and when you want, the freedom to choose the best work environment for your needs… In most cases, all you need is a strong WiFi connection, and the world is your oyster. It’s a far cry from dingy cubicles and awkward co-worker relations of careers past—and you can’t beat the morning commute.

Managing Distractions in the Home Office

Your house or apartment seems like a normal home with normal home stuff: a couch, kitchen (or for those of you reading in NYC, a refrigerator and a hot plate), bedroom...

6 Habits of Healthy Remote Workers

6 Habits of Healthy Remote Workers So you’re working remotely for the first time in your career. Congratulations! You’ve joined the ranks of the 3.2 million Americans who work from home.

My Time At Sococo, By Mike, the #worldsbestintern

Mike and crew hard at work in the Sunnyvale, CA Sococo office.


Life On The Road With Sococo - Your Sales Buddy

  I'm Anne Young, the VP of Sales at Sococo.  I travel all over the country to key strategic accounts and hopeful clients.  With budget constraints and resource demands, I'm quite conscious of managing costs and the time of my incredibly smart, and busy, Sococo cohorts. At the same time, I need to bring them with me to each very important presentation.

My "Sales Buddy" on the road.....Sococo!


Sparks of Inspiration: The Relationship Between Technology and Creativity

The creative arts are the most human methods of expression. These are the arenas where human creativity and the human pursuit of beauty emerge most clearly. They’re also the areas in which we proudly insist that no AI or computer could possibly compare to the unique genius of the human mind.

Cake In The Break Room Or Cake On Your Couch? Study Proves Working From Home Boosts Productivity

How productive can anyone really be, sprawled on their couch at home, in their pajamas, working on their laptop while so many distractions lurk in the background? As it turns out, pretty darn productive!

Virtual Life Panel: Coping With Isolation In The Home Office

Those of us who work from home regularly know that, in addition to all the perks and flexibility it affords, work life can get a little lonely when all your human interaction flows through an internet connection or phone line.