Jay Baer of Convince and Convert on Holding Fun and Effective Retreats for Distributed Teams

It’s time to plan a retreat for your distributed team. You’re excited, your team is excited, and you spend your days planning group games. With all your selections in mind, you sit down to crunch the numbers. Suddenly, the trip feels a lot less exciting. A retreat is going to be expensive, and the dollar signs on your spreadsheet leave you wondering if the investment is really worth it. You ask yourself, will there truly be any ROI?

The Power of Building Social Capital

The answer to that question is a big fat YES.

Seeking to Achieve FLOW at Work

We know you’re wondering, what the heck is FLOW? Named by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, FLOW is a state of total focus and concentration on a task: so much so that you get lost in it and lose track of time, enabling you to be both more productive and derive more satisfaction from the task; in turn making you happier.

10 Meeting Rules to Live By For Distributed Teams

“Bob, let’s schedule a sync up before next week’s conference call to discuss the action steps from last week’s sales meeting.” Sound familiar? For many corporate employees these days, it would seem that every workday is so filled with meetings, it can be difficult to get any actual work done! This increasingly common “meeting-overload” phenomenon is not just unproductive, it’s exhausting and downright annoying.

10 Ways to Have More Fun in Your Virtual Office

In today’s world of a million “internet science” articles and google searches, it seems like everything has been broken down into digestible easy steps. “How to Make Your Co-Workers Like You”, “How to Be Confident”, “How to Have Fun”. But the thing is, not everything in life can be broken down into a few easy steps. Fun is one of those things. It’s mysterious. It’s intangible. It’s also insanely important.

Gain Peace and Productivity With These 7 Routines and Rituals For Remote Workers

In our last post, we discussed the importance of routines and rituals when working from home—what they are, why they matter, and what they do for your health and productivity. But if your inner spiritual guru isn’t quite awash with productive routines and zen rituals to try, you may have felt a little unsure about how to move forward.

The Importance of Routines and Rituals When Working From Home

Rituals and routines are everywhere. We see them throughout our lives—the way we marry, give birth, and even grieve losses. You can see them in the little things too; pinky promises, New Year’s resolutions, holidays, religious services, and athletic matches. The distinction between a ritual and a routine is the meaning that becomes attached to ritual. Your morning routine could be wake up, eat, exercise, shower, get dressed, and settle in for work. Your morning ritual could be meditating after exercise.

How to Flourish as a Happy Virtual Team Member

How to Flourish as a Happy Virtual Team Member Relationships are hard. Especially for those of us who are putting in the time on a long distance one. That’s right—the LDR (i.e. long distance relationship) professionals.

Tips and Tricks For Parents Who Work Remotely

As many of us know from our early 20’s, holding down two or more jobs can make your head spin and your body hurt. And when one of those jobs is being a parent, the stakes get even higher. It’s a tough gig; your paycheck from one job feels ever more crucially important with little ones to support, while your second, 24/7 job is paid entirely in spit up and giggles.

How to Stand Out as a Virtual Team Member

Being the new kid on the block is always hard, but being the new kid on the block of a virtual team? That can be even more intimidating—especially if you’ve never worked virtually before.

Conflict Management for Virtual Teams

In a study done by CPP, 20% of employees surveyed reported that letting a conflict fester led to sickness or missing work. Almost 10% said that a workplace conflict had contributed to the failure of a project. All of this equals huge losses for small businesses, making conflict management crucially important for an organization’s success.