Does Your Team Need a Virtual Health Check?

“Teamwork” is difficult to define. Most of us know what good teamwork looks like, but we’re not sure how to assess whether we are creating the right conditions for teamwork to flourish, especially when it comes to a virtual environment.


Cross Cultural Team Barriers on Distributed Teams: Survey Results

Today the majority of knowledge workers interact with people in different locations. From a cultural perspective, this trend has had an impact on how we as a workforce have had to change our behaviors and tackle new problems. Getting work done on distributed teams is not the same as getting work done on co-located teams. Collaboration across geographies and cultures presents new challenges and requires new ways of working in order to accommodate many cultures working harmoniously under one virtual company roof.

Prevent Team Burnout When Working in Multiple Time Zones

Many distributed teams work across time zones, and it can quickly turn into a situation where everyone is working all the time. You answer one email from someone in another time zone, and then you decide to take a look at that spreadsheet real quick, even though it’s 9 pm, and then you get into a conversation—next thing you know, you’re contributing to a culture where no one ever gets a break.

Why Your Distributed Team is Missing That Collaborative Vibe (and How to Get it Back!)

The groove. The zone. A vibe. Sometimes you just have that extra mojo. No matter what we call it, there are times when everything seems to gel and things get done quicker and better. While not everyone can be the ‘96 Bulls—or even better the 2016 Golden State Warriors—there are those rare moments when everything comes together. But the thing is, for some distributed teams that collaborative vibe happens more frequently than for others.

What Color Is Your Company? A Brief Introduction to Self-Management

Many businesses who are moving to a distributed model are also jumping on the “Reinventing Organizations” bandwagon of less top-down management. The first question to ask when considering a move to self-management for your organization is simple, but it requires some background: What color is your company?

“Reinventing Organizations,” a New Look at Corporate Power Structures


“Isn’t it Lonely?” Busting the Top 4 Remote Work Myths

“You work from home, so you can take me to airport, right?” “Can’t you take care of it since you’re home all day?” “What do you even do with all that time?” There are a lot of misconceptions about remote work, and while out and out protest might be a tad ineffective, there are definitely some remote works myths that need to be busted. As a remote worker or the manager of a distributed team, you’ve probably faced each of these fallacies before, much to your chagrin.

1. “Remote workers are less productive.”


Achieve High Performance With Distributed Teams (Infographic)

Organizations that embrace distributed working can better position themselves for competitive advantage. They can achieve this by expanding their talent pool beyond geographical limitations, reducing cost and friction of entering new markets whilst also reducing operating costs through lower office footprints.

Why Fun Is Essential to Employee Engagement

Your average preschool age child laughs or smiles up to 400 times per day. The average 35-year old adult only smiles around 15 times per day. Think about it. When was the last time you really cut loose and laughed so hard your belly hurt or tears ran down your face? (More on that here.) Depressing, right? So where did all the fun go?

Using Technology to Beat Commute Peak Demands

Recently, the Metro rail system in Washington D.C.—the backbone for people to commute and travel—had an unplanned 29 hour shutdown. With over 700,000 daily weekday boardings, suggestions by employers included using Uber and Lyft, which would only contribute to the already gridlocked rush hour commutes that DC area commuters face. Needless to say, it put DC workers in a tight spot.

Tax and Financial Tips for Distributed Teams

Hiring a Remote Team? Double-Check Your Taxable Presence.